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A Rosicrucian tale by Edward Bulwer-Lytton 1842 At a glance, Zanoni is a novel about a member of an ancient fraternity who gives up his power of immortality for love of a human. Plot is of course available on Wikipedia. The flowery prose some reviewers say Zanoni is filled with does not bother me perhaps… Read More Zanoni

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Year 2017

Another year is about to go. Time flies. Isn’t that an often-heard of refrain? As I made a mental list of my highs and lows this year, I realized there really was just one low: the fur son crossing the rainbow bridge. The rest must make me a very lucky girl. Correction: blessed. Year 2017… Read More Year 2017

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Warabi mochi

I am fond of Japanese food; the main dishes at least. It was not until I had enough time to be curious that I got acquainted with a dessert called warabi mochi. The names are strange to me. Here are some of what I learned from reading around about it: 1 Warabi mochi is a… Read More Warabi mochi



Spinal column: the one thing vertebrates have in common that is easy to remember long after other bits and pieces are forgotten and new vertebrates may be discovered by science. Helping the son do his science homework last night which included several pages on vertebrates, not only gave me an idea for this week’s post,… Read More Vertebrates

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Red Square

It was around 11 a.m. when I arrived, but it felt like 6 a.m.  The temperature improved – about nine degrees. It was zero only twelve hours back. The sun seemed undecided whether it would come out already or not.  I was too excited to mind. “Snow fell two days ago,” Julia, my guide remarked. … Read More Red Square